Our Firm

Mullen and Co. is a two partner private practice, formed in 2011, which specialises in civil court work, tribunal representation and alternative dispute resolution.

We operate a business model based on low overheads and fixed fees even for complex disputes. After an initial consultation we can give you a fixed fee quote for the work we undertake to do on your behalf, which is staged according to the procedural stage your case reaches.

Most people who require the services of a court solicitor approach matters with a degree of trepidation, commonly concerning the costs involved in order to achieve a result which they consider acceptable. 

We adopt a pragmatic approach to disputes focussed on achieving the best result for the client in all of the circumstances. A courtroom success isn't a success if the costs in getting there are unpalatable. By offering transparent fixed fees at the outset we allow you to consider your options at the various procedural stages of a case with a view to considering the best options, whether that be settlement or proceeding further. 


In Scotland more than 90% of cases settle without evidence being heard. We consider it to be in both your interests and ours to reach that settlement tipping point, when it is achievable, as soon as possible. If you have certainty in relation to your costs, you can then make a decision which takes those into account when considering offers.


If your case is "all or nothing" then you can rely on our partners many years of courtroom experience to help you achieve your result. If your case is in the Court of Session then we have excellent long standing relationships with a number of senior and junior counsel.